How to: Using Petition Data (Connect)


How to

  1. Create questions to record campaign/issue data
  2. Input campaign/issue data onto Connect

Petitions are an easy way to collect valuable data which will help identify supporters and regularly communicate with voters. By sharing that information with the regional office and with the Welsh party, we can share our messages and our record in Wales. You will need to be in North Wales mode to do this (check the top right hand side of your screen).

Create a question to record your data

Step: In the second column on the left hand side select Tags > Questions > Scripts, then select Questions from the drop down.


Step: In the new screen scroll down to check if your question (or a similar question) already exists. If not, click New Question at the top of the page.
Step: Fill out the required information for the question.


Step: Select who the question applies to (individual people or organisations that may get in touch, or both), and click Save.


Step: Scroll down to the Response section, and add Yes before clicking Add.


Inputting the data onto Connect

Step: On the home screen select Quick Look Up at the top of the page.

Step: Enter the details of the person that you're inputting data for. If Connect can't find their name or address at first, try using their postcode. Include an option for Local Authority to help your search.

Step: Select the person's profile, and scroll down to Question Responses, and select Add new Response.

Step: Add the relevant data to the form (Canvassed by is your name), identify how they were Contacted, then find your question, and click Save.

Step: When you're taken back to their profile, scroll down to Phone, Email and Question Responses and add any additional information and check that your Question has saved.


Will you Back Aled in 2016?

Will you Back Aled in 2016?

Aled Roberts is leading the fight for North Wales. Will you join him in that fight? #BackAled