How to: Using Petition Data (Nationbuilder)


  1. Export data from Connect
  2. Upload data to Nationbuilder

Using the data from petitions and other data from Connect and inputting it into Natiobuilder allows us to build profiles for people on Nationbuilder so we can contact people about the issues that they're interested in.

 Downloading data from Connect

(for this Guide I'm using a petition question from Wrexham, not the question I set up in the previous guide)

Step: On Connect's main page select Create a New List and input the relevant information into the Location and District fields, then scroll down to Questions.

Step: You may want to select only people with Email addresses or only people who have been canvassed as Lib Dem, for example, but it's useful to collect all the data that you have on that question or petition.

Step: When you've selected your Question, click Run Search on the right hand side of your screen. (If you click Preview my Results first it'll tell you how many results you'll have on your list!)

key_connect9.pngStep: When you've run your search you'll be given all the results from your search, including a breakdown at the top of the page - then click Export.


Step: In the Export Wizard first screen, select Standard Text from the dropdown and then the Customise Export button.

Step: On the next screen you will be shown a list of fields to be exported - from the dropdown list add Target Pools (this is information about any canvassing information we have on how they intend or have voted).


Step: Give your file a name and click Export.

 Uploading the data to Nationbuilder

  1. After selecting Export you will be taken to a page telling you that your Export is in progress. Click the final link on the page My Export Files, and download the file.
  2. Open the Excel spreadsheet that you've downloaded and save the file as a CSV file. The file must be saved in this format to be uploaded to Nationbuilder. CSV is Windows Comma Separated.
  3. Log into Nationbuilder Control Panel (Get Involved > Login) and select People from the top of the page.
  4. When you're on the People page, select More and select Import from the dropdown list.
  5. Click Choose File and import the CSV file of the file that you downloaded from Connect, and then select Upload CSV File.
  6. In the Imports screen untick don't import on Row 1 (if it's the name of the row ie email) and match the dropdown box to the field (ie last_name to surname row).




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Will you Back Aled in 2016?

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