Will you back Aled in 2016?

Welsh Liberal Democrat Aled Roberts is leading the fight for North Wales. Aled is fighting for our schools, our health services, public transport, and more. Since 2012 Aled's office has supported people from right across North Wales on a range of issues from health, education, transport and local services. Working tirelessly for North Wales in the Welsh Assembly and across the North Wales region Aled has;

  • supported the campaign to reconsider proposals for neonatal care in North Wales
  • secured extra funding for the region's schools through the Welsh Lib Dems' Pupil Deprivation Grant 
  • secured £10m in a budget deal for improved transport links across North Wales
  • supported local campaigners across the region concerned about off-roading in rural areas
  • supported campaigns against fracking across North East Wales, advocating for renewable engergy
  • campaigning for improved broadband and mobile reception

The fight to elect Aled in 2016 has already started, but we need your help. Will you join us? You will? Find out how!