School categorisation system could do better – Aled Roberts AM

Commenting on the latest results of the National Categorisation System which were published today, Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for North Wales and the party’s spokesperson on Education said:

“Whilst today’s results show that a healthy percentage (79.5%) of primary schools are in the two higher categories, the situation for secondary schools is less positive with only just over half (57%) being placed in the top two green and yellow categories.


“The new system is certainly an improvement on banding but it still does not take into account variations within a specific school; a green grade overall can mask any number of shortcomings in individual departments in the same way as a red grade can mask examples of excellence in a school.


“It is clear that primary schools are responding well to the support they are receiving but the Labour Government and the regional consortia still have a great deal of work to do with secondary schools.


“The basis for calculating the eventual category of a secondary school has been changed in the last year and so we are unable to make direct comparisons with last year’s figures, but the fact remains that many secondary schools in Wales are in need of additional support if they are to be seen to be improving.


“I am still of the opinion that any system which uses an aggregate of performance in schools can never be as rigorous or beneficial as one which monitors individual pupil performance'.

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Will you Back Aled in 2016?

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